How We Plan Our Lessons

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Hook, Line & Thinker

Hook, Line and Thinker is a way of planning and delivering lessons, although it sounds like a traditional three part lesson, it is much more than that.

Hook Line and Thinker

Hooks are designed to be available immediately to students when greeting them, as soon as they enter the classroom they are engaged in the learning process. Hooks are an adaption of the traditional starter activity, they are shorter (approx. 3 to 5 mins), they are integral to the lesson about to be taught, and they are engaging. Hooks are not simply ‘busy’ tasks, they are a crucial part of the lesson and ensure all students are ready to learn.

The Line of Enquiry forms the back bone of the lesson, and is created throughconsidering what the overall objective is. The line of enquiry is the series of questions that students would need to be able to tackle in order to meet the objectives of the lesson. They are designed to build on progress throughout the lesson, following the stages of Blooms’ Taxonomy. The Line of Enquiry should be revisited each time the lesson moves on to the next Line of Enquiry question.

The Enquiry Web

The Thinker of the lesson is the opportunity to reflect on the learning that has taken place, and a final opportunity to check overall understanding and progress towards the objective through the line of enquiry. The Thinker can also be used to get students to think about concepts and ideas that will be coming up in the next lesson.