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The overarching aim for reading and writing at Ravens Wood is to promote and celebrate high standards of literacy by equipping students with a strong command of written language, and to develop a knowledge, understanding and enjoyment of reading and writing in different contexts. Reading and writing are developed through quality teaching and learning across the curriculum where students benefit from opportunities for silent focussed writing in all of their lessons.

We also actively encourage reading through our Accelerated Reader programme for Years 7-8 and our ‘Classic Reading’ programme for years 7-10. Writing is celebrated throughout the school and we encourage students to participate in writing competitions in school, locally and nationally.

Our reading and writing is also supported and inspired by our Poetry Anthology for Year 7 and 8, where students are learning poems by heart. More information about Reading and Writing at Ravens Wood can be found in the attachment below.


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RWS Classic Reading Sep2019

Short Stories

Please click the links below to access a copy of our short stories for student reading.

November 2019: Short Story 1 - The Signal-man

December 2019: Short Story 2 - The Hand (English)

December 2019: Short Story 2 - Le Main (French)

January 2020: Short Story 3 - The Lumber Room

February 2020: Short Story 4 - A Journey Complete

March 2020: Short Story 5 - The Happy Prince

Words of the Week


Year 7 and 8 Writing Challenge

The annual RWS500 competition is completed by Year 7 and 8 students. The task is to consider something topical that they have enjoyed reading (it could be anything from a newspaper, magazine, book – fiction or non-fiction or on the internet).

Students then explain what they have discovered that they did not know, would be interesting to their friends, and would be valuable for society at large (parents, teachers, employers, politicians, etc.) to be aware of and why?

Students write 500 words and submit their entry to Ms Spence headteacher. The entries are then shortlisted to 8 students, who join Ms Spence for a Seminar lunch with one of the School governors to discuss their writing. In 2019 there were 262 entries.

The winning entries from 2018 and 2019 can be read and listened to using the links below.

Subject Specific Wider Reading
Classic Reading at Ravens Wood
2019 RWS500 Winning Entry Lawson Waye
2019 RWS500 Winning Entry Lawson Waye Recording
2018 RWS500 Winning Entry Clay Watson
2018 RWS500 Winning Entry Clay Watson Recording