GCSE Options Process

RWSCurriculum Transparent

At Ravens Wood School, we have implemented a new options process, seeking to broaden students’ learning experiences in KS3, and ensuring that students are better prepared and informed ahead of their GCSE options. From 2019/20, GCSE options will be taken in the Spring Term of Year 9. This is an adjustment to our Curriculum Policy (the full policy can be found on the School website), following a 12-month curriculum review. In future, all students will complete the options process at the end of Year 9, with the exception of a sole choice between French or German at the end of Year 8. Our new options process can be seen below:


At RWS, we believe that a broad KS3 is the best way to prepare students for their studies later in life. We want all students to experience the richness of studying the arts, History and Geography for as long as possible.

However, we also believe in ‘teaching beyond the specification’ at GCSE. In order to do this, adequate time is required to prepare students in KS4. As such Ebacc subjects, studied by the majority of students, will start delivering GCSE content during Year 9, helping to inform students’ option choices at the end of Year 9.

By achieving this balance through our newly structured options process, we will ensure that our curriculum is broad, powerful, full of awe and wonder, inclusive and rooted in mutual respect, in line with our curriculum vision.


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