Student Leadership Welcome

We hold confidence in our belief that Ravens Wood is an institution that cares deeply about its students, the Three L’s reflecting how life at Ravens Wood is about more than just grades. As our students pass through the years they develop into Leaders, Learners, Ladies and Gentlemen. But Ravens Wood is not stuck in its ways; we are (as our ethos states) ‘committed to excellence and innovation’. As the Head Boy and Head Girl we - along with our team of deputies - serve to perpetuate this culture of excellence and innovation through a curriculum of awe and wonder.

Throughout the academic year we will also be working together as a school community to raise awareness and fundraise for a range of charities, but specifically for ‘Cardiac Risk in the Young’ (CRY). This organisation works to prevent young sudden cardiac deaths through raising awareness, conducting screenings, carrying out research and supporting the families of young people who have tragically fallen victim to sudden cardiac deaths. CRY’s work is specifically aimed at young people - the same age as our students - which is why their work is of utmost importance to us. As a school, we aim to educate the minds of our ladies and gentlemen on the cause, provide them with a way to give back to the wider community and those affected within our own school community.

Welcome from the Head Boy

I’m Benjamin and I’ll be your head boy for the next academic year. I currently study History, Politics and Sociology and am part of the Music Academy. Going forward, I hope to help make our school more connected through expanding the mentoring program into the younger years. I’ve really benefitted in my time here from having friends in different years and I’m confident that this will help build a greater sense of community in the school as a whole. I would also like to increase our already excellent student support around the school to help make students feel safer about coming forward with whatever issues they may have.

Welcome from the Head Girl

My name is Rebecca , and I am your new Head Girl for the upcoming academic year. I am currently studying Biology, Psychology, and History and I am hoping to study Law at university. My aim as Head Girl is to not only focus on the mental health, wellbeing and safety of the students but also to create a more inclusive community. I am excited to be working with SLT and the Diversity team to make sure there is equality throughout the school and to develop and produce many opportunities for all years with regards to extra–curricular activities and enrichment. I also want to focus more on mentoring, following the easing of COVID restrictions, for younger years, helping them develop and expand their knowledge. I look forward to working with you all to create an enjoyable atmosphere here at Ravens Wood.

Welcome from the Deputy Head Boy

My name is Aria, and I am your new Deputy Head Boy. I am studying Biology, Chemistry and Design Technology and I aspire to become a Physiotherapist or a Dentist. I'm a self-aware individual, trying my best, using reflection to inspire myself and my friends to improve themselves. I don’t claim to be the smartest but have always tried to improve myself as I've grown in this school, and I will endeavour to inspire the same for the younger peers in our school by aiming highly. I believe that it is integral in becoming the best version of yourself and fulfilling in one's potential. As a member of the RWS Rugby Academy, I want to ensure students in becoming the best versions of themselves through different opportunities whether it being academically or through extracurricular activities. I look forward with working with you all!

Welcome from the Deputy Head Girl

My name’s Rebecca and it’s an honour to be deputy head girl for the forthcoming year. I’m currently studying Psychology, Business and Biology in the hopes to study Human Biology and Nutrition at university. In addition to this, I’m also partaking in the gold DofE scheme and am on the way to completing an EPQ. I’m hopeful for the next upcoming year and believe that there is great potential in each and every student to smash targets and prosper. I believe that with working alongside the student leadership team, we can help pave the way for students here at Ravens Wood to inspire them to work to their best ability and to succeed in each and every field of study. I’m also a firm advocate for BTEC courses and would love to see a greater interest in these taken up in the upcoming academic year. I look forward to spending more time around the school in order to hear more from the student body as to make Ravens Wood the best place possible to learn and thrive.