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Year 10 is a crucial part of the GCSE journey for students at Ravens Wood. Hard work, dedication and commitment in Year 10 will lay the foundation for academic success in Year 11 when students complete their PPE assessments, and finally their GCSE examinations. We want our students to ‘get ahead’ in Year 10 rather than having to ‘catch up’ in Year 11.

Please do reference our RWS KS4 resources document. This provides parents, carers and students with a comprehensive list of key revision guides and resources to help boost your son’s progress across the GCSE curriculum. These will be key resources to support your son’s independent study and revision at home.

You will also find RWS10 parental updates on this page, which help to keep our parents, carers and students up to speed with important upcoming dates and deadlines.

If you have any questions about our KS4 provision, please contact Mr Davis, Assistant Headteacher for KS4, at

If you have any pastoral concerns, please contact Mr Buntain, Head of Year 10 at

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