Provision for More Able Pupils

Endeavour and Achievement Policy

‘Unlocking full potential, maximising currency’


In order to ensure that students reach their full potential, our Endeavour and Achievement Policy sets out how more able pupils (MAPs) at Ravens Wood School are supported to achieve the highest grades possible.

Improving provision for the most able is also a national issue, with two Ofsted reports in the past five years concluding that not enough focus, attention or intervention was being provided to support more able learners. This national trend is even clear when non-selective outcomes are compared to selection school results. In 2015, of those level 5 students attending a non-selective school, only 32% secured A*-A grades, compared to 57% at selective schools. At Ravens Wood School, we believe that this is unacceptable, and that more able pupils deserve to be stretched and challenged, to fulfil their potential. Our Endeavour and Achievement policy aims to support our more able pupils by:

Identification of more able pupils (MAPs) at RWS:

Ofsted defines ‘most able’ and ‘more able’ pupils as those with Level 5 in English and Maths in KS2 tests, or those with a scaled score of above 110 under the new KS2 tests.

At Ravens Wood, all pupils who have achieved above these thresholds at KS2 will be designated as being ‘more able’ or MAP. Classroom practitioners will be expected to identify all MAP students and ensure challenge and stretch in daily lessons. These pupils will be indicated as ‘MAP’ on registers/marksheets.

However, additional focus will be given towards a subset of MAP pupils for monitoring and intervention – these students will be known as our MAP+ students. The criteria for this subset is:

This subset of pupils will be indicated as ‘MAP+’ on registers. This distinction allows us to focus on our more able pupils as a cohort within the School, but also on our most able as well.

Regular MAP/+ updates will be provided for RWS staff, as well as loaded as attachments to this webpage.

Please contact Miss Prescott, Assistant Headteacher, on, should you wish to discuss any aspect of Ravens Wood's provision for our MAP/+ students.