Pastoral Care

We believe that the pastoral care of each individual in the school community is of the greatest importance. Therefore we have a highly developed pastoral system to ensure that every student’s progress towards becoming a well-rounded individual is closely monitored.

We provide dedicated professional staff for students to confide in if they have concerns or worries. In most instances the student will approach his Form Tutor who is central to his life at the school. The relationship between Form Tutor and student is developed through daily contact in the Personal and Social Health Education and Citizenship lessons and during our morning 'Ready to Learn' session.

Parents will also have the opportunity to build relationships with the Form Tutor through parents’ evenings, contact by telephone, email or letter or via the students’ contact book.

We uphold values of respect and pride in our school and in ourselves. Therefore we expect students to address members of staff and each other with courtesy and to behave impeccably. We have established firm boundaries, which students know and understand.

Our Behaviour Policy can be found on the School Policies page or can be viewed directly by clicking here.

Our Pastoral Team and Year Group Timelines


Miss N Barnes

Head of Year 7

Year 7 2018 19


Mr L Frondigoun

Head of Year 8

Year 8 2018 19


Mr G Ralph

Head of Year 9

Year 9 2018 19


Mr J Morgan

Head of Year 10

Year 10 2018 19


Mr S Davis

Head of Year 11


Mr M French

Head of Year 12/13

Year 12 2018 19 1

Year 12 2018 19 2

Year 13 2018 19 1

Year 13 2018 19 2