How We Assess

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At Ravens Wood School, our main assessment focus is our daily use of 'responsive teaching' - the advanced questioning used by our teachers in every lesson to assess students' knowledge and understanding, informing planning ahead of the next lesson. This formative assessment is underpinned by our Review, Plan, Teach approach to marking - further details below.

How we assess students and report to parents/carers:

In light of some of the changes we are facing after lockdown after school, we have reviewed our usual assessment and reporting provision for this year and had to introduce some amendments. We are still assessing students three times a year and reporting the outcomes of these summative assessments to parents, however the timings and style of some of these assessments have needed to be modified. The full 2020/21 Assessment and Reporting calendar is attached at the bottom of this section. However, it is important to note that this calendar is provisional and subject to change in response to future Government updates.

In the absence of end of year assessments in 2019/20 and the prolonged absence of some year groups from site during lockdown, we need to identify any post-lockdown gaps in knowledge and understanding in a timely manner. RWS8-11 and 13 will therefore sit "Snapshot Assessments" in the first half term. Students will be informed of the specific dates of their assessments for each subject, along with topic lists, by Heads of Department via Show My Homework. However, the weeks each year group will be sitting their Snapshot Assessment are outlined below:

With regards to RWS12, as they have just started on their A-Level journey, we do not intend to formally test them until the beginning of the second Autumn half term (w/c 9th November). However, individual Departments may elect to carry out baseline assessments of students at the beginning of the course in order to determine initial levels of understanding and help inform future planning.

With regards to RWS7, we need to introduce a bespoke and comprehensive approach to understanding where each of our year 7 pupils are on their learning journey. With this in mind, we are adopting a unique fourfold approach to assess their current working level, which is outlined in the table below:

Week Commencing Strategy Further Information
31st August (Students in from 2nd Sept) Mixed Ability Sets • Based upon information received from feeder primary schools, the Transition Team have placed Year 7 students into mixed ability sets.
• Students will remain in these groups for the vast majority of their subjects.
7th September Writing Age Task • Students will be given an open-ended writing task in response to a picture stimulus.
• Students will be informed in advance of the specific dates of these assessments by the Head of English via Show My Homework.
• Through comparative judgment marking a suggested writing age will be determined for each student.
14th & 21st September Cognitive Ability Testings (CATs) • Three 45-minute computer-based tests covering verbal reasoning, quantitative reasoning, nonverbal reasoning and spatial ability.
• Each student will need to bring in a set of headphones which has a conventional plug in jack (air pods or iPhone earphones would not be suitable).
• These tests are reasoning, not knowledge, based and therefore a student will not be disadvantaged if they have not accessed learning over lockdown.
• We will use the outcomes of these tests to inform setting decisions and, along side the KS2 data we have received from feeder primary schools, KS4 target grades.
28th September Snapshot Assessments • Maths and Science only.
• These are short, recall 40-minute papers which will cover content from KS2.
• These will be sat in classrooms during normal timetabled lessons.
• Students will be informed in advance of the specific dates of these assessments, along with topic lists, by each subject’s Head of Department via Show My Homework.
• Outcomes will be used alongside the writing age and CATs outcomes to inform the set review window after half term to ensure that the year 7 sets are truly mixed ability.

How we mark at RWS:

Our approach to marking and feedback is detailed in the video below.

How we revise:

We encourage all of our students to adopt a proactive ethos to their studies in order to become truly independent learners. Effective revision at Ravens Wood School must be deliberate, active and repetitive . To help our students work out which revision strategy is the right one for them, please look at the "Making the most of it" revision document below. This was originally put together for our students in RWS11, but the techniques discussed are applicable to all year groups!

Assessment and Reporting Calendar 2020-2021
Exam Revision Techniques