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When your son enters Year 11 at Ravens Wood School, there will be only 30 school weeks until the first of the GCSE exams. With new specifications and a new grading system (1-9) in many subjects, along with heavier content demands and tougher assessments, we know that every minute of every lesson will count for our Year 11 cohort.

As such, I am delighted to provide the link to our bespoke ‘RWS11’ offer, which outlines the contact details of key members of staff; lists important dates throughout the year; and explains a number of supportive provisions that we will be running for all Year 11 students.

In addition, Year 11 parents/carers will receive a fortnightly RWS11 newsletter. These will also be placed on our website throughout the year.

If you have any questions about our KS4 provision, please contact Mr Davis, Director of KS4, on

If you have any pastoral concerns, please contact the relevant Head of Years. For 2020/21, these are:

Year 10: Mr Morgan -

Year 11: Mr Ralph -

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