A Level Results 2022

Ravens Wood School celebrates continued success

Once again, Ravens Wood School are celebrating a tremendous set of A Level results in 2022. With over 200 students receiving A Level results, Ravens Wood students achieved over 580 qualifications. Of these, 24% were awarded A*-A, 56% graded as A*-B, and 82% A*-C. The School’s overall pass rate (A*-E) was an extremely impressive 99.6% in 2022. We are incredibly proud of our students; they have once again continued Ravens Wood’s fine tradition of securing excellent A Level outcomes.

Ravens Wood students continue to benefit from a broad Sixth Form offer; in 2022, students have particularly excelled in the Humanities, with Geography (24% A*-A, 74% A*-B), Politics ( 30% A*-A, 61% A*-B), Economics (23% A*-A, 65% A*-B), History (29% A*-A, 63% A*-B) and Sociology (38% A*-A, 73% A*-B) all achieving impressive outcomes. Likewise, the English and Mathematics departments continue to perform highly with both Mathematics an outstanding 50% A*-A, 63% A*-B and Further Mathematics (A*-A 80%), and English Literature (33% A*-A and 67% A*-B). Ravens Wood’s Science results remain extremely high, including Biology (22% A*-A), Chemistry (24% A*-A), Physics (28% A*-A) and Computer Science (29% A*-A).

The following students performed exceptionally well across their A Level subjects:

  • Matilda Barrett – Business Studies (A*), Mathematics (A*), Psychology (A)
  • Scarlett Brazier – English Literature (A*), Government and Politics (A), Art (B) - Reading English at Cambridge University
  • B Carn – Mathematics (A*), Further Mathematics (A*), Physics (A), Chemistry (C) - Reading Physics with Astrophysics at Manchester University
  • Hannah Clements – Economics (A*), Biology (A), Chemistry (A) - Reading Biomedical at Plymouth University
  • Alex Costello – Photography (A*), Mathematics (A), Chemistry (A) - Reading Chemistry at Warwick University
  • Kieran Dartnell – Mathematics (A), Media Studies (A), Sociology (A), Economics (B) - Reading Banking and Finance at Cardiff University
  • Tyler Graves – Physics (A*), Mathematics (A*), Further Mathematics (A*) Music Technology (A*) - Reading Mathematics at Warwick University
  • Benedict Hampton – History (A*), Geography (A), Mathematics (A) - Reading International Relations at Leeds University
  • Archer Hanrahan – Design Technology (A), Media Studies (A), Sociology (A)
  • Ceyan Hassan – Design Technology (A*), Business Studies (A), Geography (A)
  • Isabella Hunnisett – Sociology (A*), Geography (A), Psychology (A) - Reading Geography at Southampton University
  • Joseph Jacura – Computer Science (A*), Mathematics (A*), Further Mathematics (A), Physics (A) - Reading Computer Science at Leeds University
  • Esha Karunaratne – Biology (A), English Literature (A), Government and Politics (A)
  • Shreyash Masud – Biology (A*), Mathematics (A*), Further Mathematics (A*), Chemistry (A)
  • Adia May – English Language and Literature (A*), Media Studies (A*), Sociology (A*) - Reading Multi-Media Journalism at Bournemouth University
  • Emily McCarthy – Sociology (A*), History (A), Psychology (A), Biology (B)
  • James Moran-Hollis – Economics (A), Government and Politics (A), History (A) - Reading Law at York University
  • Evelina Potapova – English Literature (A*), Sociology (A*), Psychology (A) - Reading Criminology at Southampton
  • Dominic Poulton – English Literature (A*), Government and Politics (A*), History (A) - Reading History and Politics at Birmingham University
  • Paulina Szwabska – Biology (A*), English literature (A*), Chemistry (A)
  • Rachel Walker – English Language and Literature (A*), Sociology (A*), Moral Philosophy (A) - Reading Criminology at Leicester University
  • Maxwell Weekes – Design Technology (A*), Geography (A*), Economics (A) - Reading Business and Management at York University

The following students achieved Distinctions in their BTEC and A Level combined qualifications:

  • Holly Elmy – Business (Distinction*), Art (B), Psychology (C) - Reading Business and Events Management at the University of the West of England
  • Lauren Evans - Media Studies (Distinction*), Business Studies (Distinction), Sports (Merit) - Reading Acting and Performance at LMA University
  • Rebecca Finch - Business (Distinction*), Psychology (A), Biology (B)
  • Izzy Marquis - Business (Distinction*), Economics (A), Psychology (B)
  • Sebastian Purves - Media Studies (Distinction*), Business Studies (Distinction), Sports (Merit) - Reading Games Development at Buckinghamshire New University
  • Fillip Strozyk - Business (Distinction*), Sociology (B), Government and Politics (C)

Once again, Ravens Wood students are now accepting prestigious places at some of the top universities in the country, as well as some of the highest quality apprenticeships. Ravens Wood’s Headteacher, Sally Spence has congratulated all students: “We are incredibly proud of all of our Sixth Form students, they have worked extremely hard in challenging circumstances over the last two years to secure truly remarkable results, across an impressive range of academic subjects. These excellent outcomes are only possible with the dedication, subject knowledge and hard work of our teachers. Congratulations to all of our students; we wish them the very best of luck in their next steps.”

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