GCSE Results 2018

Ravens Wood School are delighted to report an outstanding set of GCSE grades in 2018. In light of the most significant reform to GCSE qualifications for decades, Ravens Wood’s RWS11 students have risen to the challenge. The School is absolutely thrilled to report grades which are improved from 2017 at a number of important thresholds. These include some tremendous results in English and Maths:

  • Maths 9-4: 81%
  • Maths 9-5: 62%
  • Maths 9-7: 26%
  • English 9-4: 76%
  • English 9-5: 61%
  • English 9-7: 21%

In addition to the above achievements, RWS11 students also performed highly in a range of subjects which reported under the new 1-9 grades for the first time. Once again, our STEM subjects have performed superbly:

  • Computer Science: 89% 9-4, 74% 9-5 and 23% 9-7
  • Chemistry: 98% 9-4, 74.3% 9-5 and 40% 9-7
  • Biology: 100% 9-4, 97% 9-5 and 38% 9-7
  • Physics: 98.3% 9-4, 95% 9-5 and 52% 9-7

In addition to the Maths, Computer Science and Science grades outlined above, our Design and Technology grades have had phenomenal success with 90% A*-C and 30% A*-A, with a cohort of over 120 students. Continuing the School’s fine tradition of sporting success, our PE results were also remarkable - 97% 9-4, 86% 9-5 and 31% 9-7.

In terms of the top grades available to students, we are thrilled to confirm that over forty of the new, elite Grade 9s were achieved by Ravens Wood students in reformed subjects. In total the number of 9-7/A*A grades stand at 366 – 21% of all grades awarded and an increase from 2017.

Some examples of truly outstanding achievements by Ravens Wood RWS11 students include:

  • Ryan Keys: Eight Grade 9s, one Grade 8 (9s - English Language, English Literature, Geography, German, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Music)
  • Emile Chapman: Seven Grade 9s, two Grade 8s (9s - English Language, English Literature, Maths, French, Biology, Physics, Chemistry)
  • Jack Routledge: Six Grade 9s, one Grade 8 (9s - English Language, English Literature, Geography, Biology, Chemistry and Physics)
  • Robert Suckling: Five Grade 9s, two Grade 8s (9s - English Language, English Literature, History, Geography, PE)

Commenting on the terrific results, Assistant Headteacher, Rob Leitch, said: “There has been a great deal of information in the media about the new, tougher exams and the new grading system. In a year of such change, to see our students improve their results in core subjects is a remarkable achievement, and is testament to the preparation of staff and students alike. Our bespoke RWS11 programme seeks to ‘make every day count’ for our Year 11 students, and they have certainly done so over the past year!”

Headteacher, Sally Spence, added “Congratulations to all of our Year 11 students – their hard work, preparation and dedication has truly paid off – we are delighted to see so many students securing and surpassing their target grades, knowing that these grades will unlock the doors to their next steps. We look forward to our students enrolling into our Sixth Form with such an impressive set of GCSE grades”.

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