Exams Update 2020

In line with the information shared under our ‘Coronavirus Response’ tab on this website, the Government has announced that the GCSE and A Level exams scheduled for May and June 2020 will not take place at this time. The School continues to await further updates from the Department for Education/Ofqual about how Year 11 and Year 13 students will be awarded their qualifications. Further updates will be provided by Mr Leitch, Deputy Headteacher, as soon as new information is available.

20.03.20 - Parent/Carer Update on GCSE & A Level (Click to View)

19.03.20 - Letter to Parents/Carers of Year 11 and 13 Students Re Exams (Click to view)

It is the aim of Ravens Wood School to make the examination experience as stress-free and successful as possible for all candidates.

Hopefully, this section of the website will prove informative and helpful. Information on this page will relate to examination regulations and the procedures to follow as students prepare for examinations at Ravens Wood. A detailed information booklet is available here to explain the process in more detail. Please also refer to our Examinations Policies which can be found on our School Policies Page.

The Awarding Bodies (Examination Boards) set strict criteria which must be followed for the conduct of examinations and Ravens Wood School is required to follow these precisely. You should therefore, pay particular attention to the JCQ Information to Candidates, Controlled Assessments, Non-Examination Assessments and Coursework documents which can be found on the JCQ website.

If there are any queries at any time before, during or after the examinations please contact:

Examinations Officer: Mrs M Mitchell - mmi@rws.uk.net
Examinations Assistant: Mrs L Say - lsa@rws.uk.net

Examinations Office Telephone Number: 01689 869934

You will be made aware of the revision/preparation support available to you before, and during, this period. Please make full use of it as appropriate.

Examination Information for Students and Guardians

Please find below documents containing essential information for students & guardians. These documents must be read and adhered to for all public exams. Please ensure you read and understand them prior to all exams.

Guidance & Information for Students & Guardians
Information for Candidates - Coursework 2019-20
Information for Candidates - NEA 2019-20
Information for Candidates - Onscreen Tests
Information for Candidates - Written Exams