Head Boy & Head Girl Welcome

We hold confidence in our belief that Ravens Wood is an institution that cares deeply about its students, the Three L’s reflecting how life at Ravens Wood is about more than just grades. As our students pass through the years they develop into Leaders, Learners, Ladies and Gentlemen. But Ravens Wood is not stuck in its ways; we are (as our ethos states) ‘committed to excellence and innovation’. As the Head Boy and Head Girl we - along with our team of deputies - serve to perpetuate this culture of excellence and innovation through a curriculum of awe and wonder.

Throughout the academic year we will also be working together as a school community to raise awareness and fundraise for a range of charities, but specifically for ‘Cardiac Risk in the Young’ (CRY). This organisation works to prevent young sudden cardiac deaths through raising awareness, conducting screenings, carrying out research and supporting the families of young people who have tragically fallen victim to sudden cardiac deaths. CRY’s work is specifically aimed at young people - the same age as our students - which is why their work is of utmost importance to us. As a school, we aim to educate the minds of our ladies and gentlemen on the cause, provide them with a way to give back to the wider community and those affected within our own school community.

Welcome from the Head Boy

My name is Daniel Shipley and I am the new Head Boy at Ravens Wood School. I currently study Biology, Chemistry, Maths and Further Maths. My ambition is to read Law at university and eventually specialise in Financial Law; this is a career path that I am committed towards and feel strongly about.

My goal as Head Boy is to continue to build an inclusive learning environment within the school, whereby students can reach their full potential. This is a particular passion of mine as I strongly believe that regardless of your background or any other external factors, having a rich and fulfilled education is of utmost importance. One of the areas I want to focus on is expanding the mentoring programme that is currently available to students; Sixth Form students modelling academic rigour and supporting students in subjects that they are struggling with is paramount to our community at Ravens Wood. Whilst the current climate does make it difficult for any new initiatives to be implemented, I am confident that we can make meaningful change that will help our students both in and out of the classroom and allow them to become valued members of our community. I look forward to the year ahead.

Welcome from the Head Girl

My name is Clarissa Ragrag and I’m the new Head Girl for this academic year. I am currently studying Psychology, Media Studies and Music Technology, with the goal of reading Psychology at university; I also hope to follow my dreams of becoming a professional musician. I have been very fortunate to have had many opportunities to perform around the UK, the Philippines and perform at the F1 Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi. Alongside this I have been volunteering at Great Ormond Street Hospital as a performer for the patients and employees. These opportunities and experiences have encouraged me to help others to achieve their dreams and succeed with their passions.

As the Head Girl, I would like to raise awareness of mental health issues within young people today; this is especially crucial at the moment due to the circumstances we have all found ourselves in over the past few months. Secondary School and Sixth Form are the places where our passions and interests are nurtured alongside receiving valuable support to reach goals and aspirations. I would therefore like to focus on the enrichment activities and opportunities students can participate in, rewarding those who actively participate in school life and the wider community. I believe that it’s important that all students are recognised and celebrated for their achievements; rewarding students would help those come out of their comfort zone and motivate students to aim high and reach their full potential.