Family Wellbeing Support During Covid-19

Staying mentally healthy is extremely important during this time. There are many resources available for our parents and carers to use to maintain their families’ wellbeing whilst children are studying at home. Social connections alongside exercise, sleep, diet and routine are important protective factors for mental health. At Ravens Wood School the safeguarding team are here to support families and our students, please contact us on if you have any concerns regarding your child’s emotional wellbeing.

The government have created materials to promote and support mental wellbeing to help children to learn at home which we have provided links for below. Public Health England’s ‘Rise Above’ platform also supports young people, offering top tips on how to stay healthy during lockdown. Social isolation, reduced exercise and bereavement may affect children’s wellbeing in this period.

Resources to promote and support children and young people’s mental wellbeing during the lockdown are below;

Online Education Resources for Home Education:

Top Tips for Staying Healthy in Lockdown:

MindEd Educational Resources for Adults About Children and Young People’s Mental Health:

Every Mind Matters Platform:

Guidance on Looking After Wellbeing and Mental Health:

Guidance on Supporting Children’s Wellbeing and Mental Health:


All NHS mental health trusts are in the process of setting up 24/7 helplines and seeking to use digital and virtual channels to continue delivering support during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. We will update this page with additional information when it becomes available.