Aiming to achieve Excellence and Inclusion

Sixth form students participate in extra-curricular activities managed by the Enrichment School. At Ravens Wood School we believe that students who engage in a broad range of Enrichment activities are more likely to be proud and committed members of the school community and achieve more personally as a result.

The Enrichment School offers an extensive programme of extra curricular activities to all Ravens Wood students. Primary school enrichment schemes offer sixth form students outstanding leadership opportunities whilst allowing them to achieve nationally recognised qualifications.

There are specialist sixth form Academies in Rugby, Football, Dance and Drama (RAPA), Music, Art and Design and Media (RAM). Each academy is closely linked to an associated professional organisation. Year 11 students wishing to excel in one of these areas are invited to trial/audition for an academy place alongside their main sixth form application. Academy students receive elite coaching which enables them to reach the highest possible standards of performance. Success on a national level is frequently achieved by our students; many receive recognition through the national sports cups, youth music, art and drama/dance organisations. Detailed information about the academies can be found later in this prospectus.

We are very proud of the variety of activities we are able to offer when students register with Ravens Wood School. (There may be changes to some of the activities each year, due to staff availability) These include: