Book covers


As part of our continued drive to improve the standards of presentation and to support the new marking and assessment policy the school will introduce this academic year, the Ravens Wood School will be using A4 exercise books for all subject areas.

We have found that the use of clear plastic book covers greatly improves the presentation of exercise books and protecting books in bags in transit. The school are selling these book covers in packs of 10 for the price of £3.00 available on ParentPay, available from the start of the year. Once purchased, your son will be able to collect his covers from his Form Tutor.

In order to pay for the book covers, please use our online system  If you have not yet activated your account you can click on the ‘Activate’ link in the Account Login box and follow the instructions.  Please contact Reception if you have mislaid your ParentPay Activation letter ( 856050).  If you have activated your account, simply log in using the same username and password as you would if paying for your child’s dinner money. Please note that if you are unable to use the ParentPay website for online payment, you will need to contact the school to discuss alternative payment options.

We greatly encourage the use of these plastic covers to further improve presentation, promote scholastic and academic pride and provide a robust solution to protecting the work of our active young men.


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