Year Group Ribbons

In order to clearly identify students from different year groups, each year group has been allocated a coloured ribbon (see list below) to be stitched on to the blazer lapel on the left hand side.

Academic Year 2017/18

Year 7: Dark Green; Year 8: Yellow; Year 9: Light Green; Year 10: White; Year 11: no ribbon - plain black blazer

All students were sent home with their Year Group ribbon in an envelope with the Headteacher's end of year letter during the last week of term.  Students will retain their ribbon colour for the duration of their time at the School.

Should you have any queries regarding the Year Group Ribbon, please email

Please be reminded that boots, trainers, plimsolls, suede shoes or casual footwear are not permitted; students should wear plain black, polish-able outdoor shoes. Examples of shoes can also be found at the Uniform link above.

Hoodies are not permitted; students should wear a plain V-neck black jumper or sweatshirt only.   Hoodies should also not be worn on the students’ journeys to and from school, when they are our ambassadors of Ravens Wood in the community.  Students’ hair must be neat. Extreme hairstyles are not permitted, including shaved or patterned styles. Students’ hair should be of natural colour in appearance.  We thank parents and carers for their support with this.

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