Bugsy gets off to a flying start

Our long awaited Bugsy Malone school production has exceeded all expectations following the start of performances on Wednesday 22nd February. With a cast of over 50 RWS students, from Year 7 all the way through to Year 13, the show has been a tremendous success. With a wonderful set, remarkable acting, sensational music, and of course, impressive American accents, our students have delighted their audiences each evening. 


The Bugsy Malone production has been months in the making, and the commitment of students has been evident for all to see. From singing to tap dancing, lighting to stage management, the performances of the cast have been flawless. 


We would like to congratulate the whole of the cast, whose names are listed below:


Callum Ablett, Nanakojo Adade, Oliver Bailey, Alex Baker, Alexander Barrett, Thomas Buckley, Jayden Burnett, Barnaby Carn, Lochlainn Cassidy, Georgie Chandler, Joseph Costello, Tom Costello, Robert Dayman, Joe Espindola, Jake Evans, Cara Fielden, John Hammond, Luca Helden, Alexei Hoey, Tom Kenny, Ryan Kenny, RyanKeys, Jay Khan, Ben Langdown, Fraser Lile, Daniel Loom, Will Maclaren, Keira Marston, Levi McKensie, Hayden McLeod, Luca Meadows, Elliot Minto, Cameron Minto, Pavalan Mootoosamy, Wayne Mswaka, Jalil Muhammad, Ed Orwell, Max Payne, Ty Prendergast, Adam Reggio, Mason Renals, Joe Sampson, James Searle, Alife Selves, Matthew Simms, Philippe Smith-Patterson, Fil Spirito, Luca Taylor, Mia Thomas, Theo Vengan, Daniel Walker, Alper Yasarata and Zak Zaabalawi. 


Finally, a big thank you to our staff team - Miss Ward, Mr Mead, Mr Grant, Miss Barnes, Miss Denby, Mr Haskell, Mr Hughesdon, Mr Sibley, Miss Wellings and Mrs Sims.



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